The Eco-Printer Route to Being Green

May 2010
by Erin Johnson

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The Eco-Printer Route to Being Green

by Erin Johnson

To be a green publisher you want to make as many green choices as possible, starting with paper.

From the Environmental Trends and Climate Impacts report (see “Resources for Publishers in Search of Eco-Printers,” below), we know that paper accounts for most of a book publisher’s carbon footprint—85 percent or more. You can learn about the best environmental choices to make from Green Press Initiative’s Small publisher toolkit (see the URL in the Resources sidebar).

But you can also take a shortcut!

The other, and maybe easier, way to produce a green book is to start by finding an eco-printer. To identify a legitimately green printer, you need the answers to these questions:

Is the printer Forest Stewardship Council certified, and can it provide FSC-certified virgin and recycled papers?

In some cases, these papers include coated sheets with 10 percent or more recycled content.

There are 2,600 FSC-certified printers in the United States. Many of these don’t print books, but enough do that you can find one fairly easily; they include printers that offer print-o…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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