The Bard Press Big Sales Backstory

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July 2011
by Linda Carlson

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The Bard Press Big Sales Backstory

by Linda Carlson

When Ray Bard said, “I’m a marketer disguised as a publisher,” I knew we were in sync. When he went on to say that working with authors requires both the skills of a drill sergeant and the skills of a cheerleader, I was ready to head to Austin to meet the man behind Bard Press.

As this Texas publisher of business books points out, few big media outlets are devoted to covering them, and a book has to be exceptional to get exposure in such important mainstream media as the Wall Street Journal. An entrepreneurial author can often make that happen—and be well rewarded for doing so. “Having your book reach the bestseller list in the Journal or the New York Times can double your speaker fees overnight,” Bard says.

No matter how entrepreneurial authors are, they need to be able to invest money as well as time to work with Bard Press. Publicity is important, and Bard expects authors to spend $50,000 to $75,000 to promote their books.

“But money may be the smaller part of what I look for,” he adds, stressing the importance of platform. “I look at what authors have done, rather than what they say they intend to do…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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