The Artistry of Creating a Bestseller

May 2001
by Bob Erdmann, Publishing Consultant

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Dottie, my wife of 43 years, is an incredibly talented artist. Talented is the operative word. You’ve seen the type. Dottie can look at something for a few minutes, ask “How is that done?” and then immediately answer herself. Then she’ll buy a few supplies, and without much ado, she creates a beautiful piece of art in nearly any medium. With acquired or self-taught instruction, her talent enables her to create. Give me those same supplies and I’d hurt myself! I don’t have the same artistic talent as Dottie. Creating bestsellers also requires talent. Give two different publishers instructional guidance and tools to create a bestseller… who knows what will happen? I can assure one thing, that the publisher who has talent will do best.

So what is the talent required in creating a bestseller? I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to witness the talent of a variety of publishers–both large and small–for over four decades. Although there is no magic pill available to ensure building a bestseller, I’ve found that there is a common denominator, a common talent to the artistry of creating a bestseller. This is very simple…. it’s the ability to implement a strategy and to orchestrate teamwork. Regardless of the strategy, the budget, the book, or the publisher, all the ingredients need to be planned and orchestrated to work together. The talIBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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