The Amazing Adventures of Isabella Bird

December 2001
by Evelyn Kaye

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Blue Panda Publications has always been an ESP–Especially Small Publisher. To think about publishing a bestseller on RLP–Really Large Publisher–terms is ridiculous. There’s no way we can cope with hundreds of thousands of copies for one of our books in a season. It would cause total havoc. But, in our own way, we do have bestsellers.


We publish travel books for experienced travelers and travel narratives for women, and the titles have sold steadily over the years. Our four Travel Resource Guides are Travel and Learn, about educational vacations around the world, now in its fourth edition; Free Vacations & Bargain Adventures in the USA, in its third edition, about volunteer vacations and low-cost trips; Family Travel, about ranch vacations, camping, and dinosaur digs; and Active Woman Vacation Guide, with stories by adventurous women of yesterday and today and information about companies that offer quality outdoor trips. Our travel narratives include a biography, Amazing Traveler Isabella Bird, and Adventures in Japan, a book about a trip through northern Japan following Bird’s 1878 footsteps 120 years later. I research and write the books, my partner and husband Christopher Sarson designs them on his computer, and we hire a cover designer, copy editor, and indexer. I do most of the PR and promotion.


While Free Vacations and Travel and Learn have each sold abou…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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