The Accidental Publisher

May 2002
by Elisabeth Keely Wilson

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It was your basic itch just begging to be scratched. You know–the kind you can’t quite reach so it keeps demanding your attention. Finally, in order to appease the little beast, you have to twist and turn until at last you find just the right spot and–ah, relief! This itch of mine, however, was clearly intent on attaining total satisfaction. After attempting to ignore the vexing sensation for years, I succumbed to its irrepressible demands and decided–I will write a book!


I had owned a graphic design business and generated the contents of a full-length manuscript–now contained in piles of artwork and copious notes–however I wasn’t able to visualize how the elements might be transformed into a cohesive whole. But then my unconscious mind rewarded my newfound willingness with a dream. In it, the book’s framework was clear and the interlocking pieces seemed to fall naturally into place. Fortunately, my conscious mind retained many of the details of my dream experience, and so, the following day, the writing began in earnest.

Three months later, I had written Kaleidoscope: Artistic Techniques for the Creative Soul, and my itch was living in a state of bliss. This stage prompted me to realize that the next phase of the process was about to begin. It was time for a publisher.


The Hard to Sell Syndrome

Now I acknowledge I sometimes long for that fairy tale existence whe…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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