The 23 Best Lines In Marketing

January 1999
by Jeffrey Dobkin

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Like old friends, these lines are of great value to have at your side. This reoccurring arsenal of words is a center point in almost all of my campaigns.In Direct MailGift Certificate Enclosed

How many times have I said this? Whew! My very favorite line for getting my clients’ direct mail packages opened. Reasons?

Gift certificates are inexpensive to print, at one-third or one-fourth of a sheet of paper-or less.They may be printed on the same sheet as the letter, catalog or the order form-for extra savings in printing costs.Gift certificates ship flat, and add very little weight to your mailing package.They’re much more upscale than coupons.Gift certificates have a high perceived value.They’re cheap to redeem-in fact, have no cost at all until redemption.They may be targeted to specific merchandise or offers-good for overstock or high margin items.Gift certificates are naturally easy to track.
Any arguments?

Free Offer Inside

This works almost as well. When a gift certificate just won’t suffice in a business-to-business mailing, this is usually my next choice. And more often than not, the other writing on the envelope is:

There’s a saying around here in Direct Mailville that states you must tell the recipient exactly what you want him to do for the best chance of having him do exactly what you want.

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