Testing Book Trailers, Part 2

September 2010
by Dawn Carrington

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Testing Book Trailers, Part 2

by Dawn Carrington

If you decided to follow the advice on testing a book trailer that I offered last month, you may be eager by now to track your video’s effects on sales. You can begin to trace sales to a video when it’s been in circulation for a month, but to do that you’ll need more than your current sales sheets.

You’ll have to have points of reference. How were the book’s sales in each venue before you began the video campaign? Which venue provided you with the most income before the video launched? Collect your Web stats for the prelaunch month or, even better, for the previous two or three months, and make a list of the places where most of your traffic came from during that period.

When the video has been out for a month, review the list of external sites. Write down the places where you know you had your video uploaded. Count the direct click-throughs you received as a result. On the days when people clicked through, did sales increase?

Then check monthly sales stats from your Web site and your trading partners. Have there been any bumps in sales at Amazon, for example, or to wholesalers or retailers? If so, which venues showed an increase?

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