Ten Keys to Feature Coverage

August 2004
by Kate Bandos

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Often the best coverage for a book comes not from reviews but from feature articles, author-as-expert comments, excerpts, and even sidebar mentions. Here are 10 tips to get you started.

1. Develop 2 to 10 different angles or “hooks” that you think are newsworthy.

2. For each angle, select 10 periodicals that seem like a good match. Research each one before you waste your time and money sending a book. You can find out about a publication’s content by checking its Web site, studying several copies, and requesting its advertising materials. The advertising packet will also give you information about the publication’s target audience and its circulation figures.

3. Approach the periodical you selected for your favorite angle. You can do this by:
Calling the editor and pitching the idea. Make sure you can get it across in 25 words or less and 30 seconds or less.E-mailing the editor and pitching the idea. Here too you should make sure you get it across in 25 words or less. Pay special attention to the subject heading of the e-mail.Mailing a release that highlights your favorite idea.Mailing a ready-to-use article that highlights the idea, noting that it is free for the editor to use.Mailing a letter to the editor you have chosen, saying that you have a free, ready-to-use article or articles to send if the editor is interested.Mailing your book to the editor you have chosen, with a note about why you think it would be perfect for the pu…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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