Talking Trends with Barnes & Noble Buyers

April 2007
by Robin Bartlett

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Trends in Bookselling by Category at Barnes & Noble

Talking Trends with Barnes& Noble Buyers


by Robin Bartlett


This year, for the first
time, PMA University attendees will have a chance to listen to—and talk
with—Barnes & Noble buyers who handle five broad categories: fiction,
children’s books, business books, religion books, and books on diet, health,
fitness, and self-improvement. Marcella Smith, director, Small Press and Vendor
Relations, and the relevant buyer at B&N will present courses that analyze
current trends in each category.


When I interviewed her recently,
Marcella explained that each course will start with her 15-minute overview of
what Barnes & Noble, Inc.—including—is doing
in the market: where they are, where they are going, and general trends in
bookselling. Then the Barnes and Noble category buyer will talk for 15 minutes
about trends in his or her specific category, focusing partly on which subjects
are working and which ones are not. After these two brief presentations,
attendees and speakers will have an open discussion.


As Marcella pointed out, these
classes represent a marvelous educational opportunity both for PMA members who
are publishing in these categories and for the category …IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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