Take the Junk Out of Direct Mail

July 2000
by Brian Jud

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When you have a finite, identifiable group of people who are potential
customers for your books, direct mail may be the most effective and
efficient marketing tool you can use to reach them. It gives you control
of the timing, delivery, and content of your promotion, a pre-determined
fixed cost, and the means to forecast and measure the return on your
marketing investment.

Your direct-mail campaign will be more successful if you first prepare
a tactical plan. The plan should outline the actions you intend to take in
five key areas: (1) the books/products you offer, (2) the target market,
(3) the special offer, (4) the format, and (5) the ways in which you test
and evaluate your implementation.

The Product

Before you decide if the title you select can be sold successfully via
direct marketing, ask yourself a couple questions. Can your potential
customers buy something more current and less expensive from your
competitors? Will the title’s pricing structure support the discount you
intend to offer?

The Target Market

Make sure your list is cleaned (old names eliminated) regularly.
Segment your customer list by those who have purchased recently, those who
purchase frequently, and by the dollar value of their orders. Each group
will be receptive to different offers.

The Special Offer

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