Take Full Advantage of Amazon

April 2006
by Brent Sampson

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As the president of an
on-demand publishing company, I have seen authors earn hundreds, thousands, and
tens of thousands of dollars a month in book royalties purely from online
sales. In many cases, most of those online sales came from Amazon.


Finding success in the Amazon.com
jungle comes down to exposure. You need to expose your book to as many eyeballs
as possible, which means that as many people as possible should see the
detailed product description page for your book.


The more visits to your
description page, the better your book is going to perform. Simply put, the
Amazon algorithm favors the most popular items, so if two different products
match a user’s criteria, the more popular one will show up first.


The merchandising machine under
Amazon’s hood is designed to deliver the most customized experience possible to
each user. Its ultimate goal is to present users with other products they will
purchase. But that’s good, because it means Amazon will do the hardest part of
selling for you—prequalifying buyers according to their preferences. These
preferences are determined in terms of a complex history of every product
bought or looked at, every review written, and every link clicked. Because each
user’s shopping preferences are stored in its memory, Amazon can make sure that
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