Super Marketing with Electronic Minicourses

July 2003
by Eric Gelb

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Marketing in today’s crazy-busy world requires that you gain people’s trust and make at least seven connections or impressions with a potential customer. One way to achieve both these goals is to create an electronic minicourse that provides benefits for your customer and to divide its subject matter into at least seven lessons. With today’s technology, you can distribute your minicourse 24/7, either on your website or through your e-mail program, while you’re on the beach.

A minicourse is a how-to information product that contains one or more brief, concise lessons on your subject–the topic and product or service you want to promote. The successful minicourse gives your customers real value–educates, informs, and explains. With fiction, it might center on excerpts or characters from your book.

My Dad and I created an electronic minicourse last summer to promote an e-book on customer service. Our course features 12 segments in total, including six lessons on how entrepreneurs and businesspeople can upgrade the level of customer service in their businesses, plus a couple bonuses, etc. (see below). Opt-in subscribers receive the customer service minicourse lessons via e-mail every other day for 12 days, hence six marketing connections, and then we achieve the next connections with our catalog, the bonuses, and so forth. We decided on a frequency of every other day to give our readers more time to study and digest the material and a…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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