Successful Author Promotions, Grassroots Style

February 2005
by Alex Kahan

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One of the biggest challenges small publishers face is convincing our authors that they have work to do after they turn in their final manuscripts. Promoting a book is just as important as getting it published in the first place, and ongoing contributions to promotion are an essential part of the author’s job.

Many authors assume the publisher is solely responsible for promoting and publicizing their books–after all, they have just worked themselves silly on the writing. But even though a publisher implements a publicity program that includes press releases, contacting the media, sending out review copies, and relentless follow-up, the book will eventually stall if authors aren’t working their own angles and coming up with author-based promotions. And a stalled book quickly becomes a forgotten book.

We have been able to keep our authors active on behalf of their books by stressing three goals.

Get Endorsements

The best way to keep your authors committed and excited about promoting their books is to involve them in the process well before the book goes to print. We ask all our authors to provide us with endorsement contacts before they turn in their finished manuscripts.

Most new authors will say, “But I don’t know anyone.” This is almost never true. Authors know people who know people, and it’s surprising what a quick letter to a friend of a friend will get you. Our books have been endorsed by universi…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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