Strategies for a Changing Market

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December 2011
by Brian Jud

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Strategies for a Changing Market

by Brian Jud

The demise of Borders points up the fact that publishers who ignore changes in the industry and continue to rely on selling primarily through bookstores will run out of room to grow. On the other hand, publishers who adjust their strategies as e-book sales and sales of printed books in nonbookstore markets keep increasing will be likely to thrive. The opportunity for substantial revenue growth of printed books in special markets is not new, but it remains untapped by most publishers.

Looking at a similarly changing environment in a different field helps make my point. Consider Netflix, which changed the way DVD rental firms competed by inaugurating delivery through the mail. In essence, Netflix reinvented itself quickly by making its own way of doing business obsolete and developing technology to replace mailing physical DVDs with digital streaming over the Internet.

In contrast, Blockbuster simply continued its successful superstore model, making minor adjustments in its way of doing business (no more late fees). Having failed to respond to fundamental market changes, it is closing stores nationwide.

For an example within our industry, we can look at Barnes & Noble. That company has a history of strategic flexibi…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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