Stop and Pick the Roses:

October 2000
by Brian Jud

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Your business is somewhere between Points A and C on the “Success Continuum” shown below. Point A is the place at which a business fails, and Point B is the position of status quo-where net income is sufficient to cover expenses with some amount left over for profits. Point C is where your business is thriving and growing profitably at a fast pace.
Success Continuum
Bankruptcy Business as usual As good as it can be

Most publishers spend their time somewhere between Points A and B, actively working to move closer to B or further from A. As some publishers get close to Point B, they become satisfied with the status quo, habitually conducting business as usual. In this case, Point B becomes the end result in their quest to maintain their publishing business. However, you should spend your time somewhere between Points B and C, actively working to move closer to C or further from B. With this perspective, Point B is the starting line of your actions to develop your company’s potential.

The Journey to Point C

A successful journey to Point C begins by writing a business plan. It serves as your roadmap, detailing your course from where you are to where you want to go. However, writing your plan is a waste of time if it’s simply filed away for months and then dusted off to serve as the basis for next year’s plan. A business plan should be used, not simply created, making you effective at implementing your marketing strategy. It’s not an end resul…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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