Stimulating Sales, Part 2

September 2010

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Stimulating Sales, Part 2

IBPA members devise lots of different ways to stimulate sales, as Part 1 of this series showed last month and as the reports below show too. But there’s more. Responses also show that doing any one thing isn’t generally enough. Doing a suite of things is what works, and doing them so that they feed into and strengthen one another.

Many thanks to all who shared their experiences.—Judith Appelbaum

The Benefits of Booths

As a small publisher with some regional and some very local titles, we have found that a booth at artists’ markets and craft fairs is a good sales outlet, a way to distribute our catalogs to potential retail customers, and a way to provide work for people at slow times of the year.

Our town, Ely, MN (recently voted America’s Coolest Small Town by Budget Travel), has a Farmers’ and Artists’ Market every Tuesday evening all summer in the park. This is popular with local residents, cabin owners, and tourists. For about four hours of work for one person, we bring in $200–$300, which adds up over the 16 weeks of summer. Two local festivals net another $3,500 or so. Although we haven’t analyzed this, we believe th…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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