Steps You Can Take to Save Trees

January 2004
by Erin Johnson

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PMA publishers who want to be environmentally responsible in their production choices can now get help from Green Press Initiative (GPI). GPI is a nonprofit program dedicated to preserving ancient forests and natural resources by helping U.S. book publishers maximize their use of post-consumer recycled paper and phase out their use of paper composed of ancient-forest fiber within three to five years.

More than 80 North American book publishers–who used more than 4 million pounds of recycled book paper last year–are committed to the program, having been spurred to action by the Green Press Initiative in the U.S. and the Markets Initiative in Canada, nonprofit programs working to catalyze environmental responsibility in the book publishing sector.

GPI publishers have begun using the GPI logo and ecosavings statements in their books and press releases to educate readers on the benefits of buying books on recycled paper. GPI’s consumer research shows that readers will support innovative publishers and are willing to pay up to $1 more per book for environmentally friendly paper.

GPI member New World Library reports that its New York Times bestseller Stillness Speaks by Eckhart Tolle, printed on New Leaf 100 percent post-consumer paper, saved roughly 1,300 full-grown trees (200,000 copies so far), while also saving water and electricity and cutting down on greenhouse gases.

Other publishers leading the way are South End Press…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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