Steer Clear of Printing Problems with Documents You Create on Your Computer

December 2001
by Karen Saunders

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As the administrative assistant for a small company, Susan had to make sure her boss “looked good” in front of an upcoming meeting of venture capitalists. That meant their marketing plan had to look great. She knew the stakes were high. But when Susan picked up the marketing plan from the print shop, she was disappointed. What went wrong?

The printed pages did not resemble what she had created on her computer. In some places, the words appeared in a font she has never used. Some graphics she imported from another document looked “pixelated” into a mosaic of small squares. What’s more, the company logo had changed color; it was purple when it was supposed to be blue.

Knowing a few basic principles, tips, and techniques could have prevented these problems. If you review the guidelines that follow before you tackle any desktop publishing job, you’ll make the right decisions from the start. It’s crucial that desktop publishing materials–such as brochures, flyers, and reports–print correctly, since professional-looking documents indicate a successful, legitimate business.


Pre-Printing Moves

First, determine the budget, turnaround time, and level of quality your document must have to meet the company’s objectives. Next, determine the best software for creating your document. If you’re going to print the document on a color laser printer, the requirements are flexible; you…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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