"Stage-Two" Tips for More Powerful One-On-One Presentations<

December 2002
by Robin Bartlett

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In “12 Tips for More Powerful One-on-One Sales Presentations” (November PMA Newsletter), I talked about things you need to do before you actually open your mouth, including being on time, polishing your appearance, shaping your attitude, making your handshake and smile work to your advantage, and keeping eyeball-to-eyeball contact. These pre-presentation tips are worth a whopping 55% on the decision-making scale.

When the time comes for you to talk, having a creative, attention-getting opening line is worth another 10-20%. In all likelihood, you’ve gone well past the “buy/no buy” decision point and your buyer is already predisposed either for or against you. So, if the buyer is smiling, nodding his head, and leaning forward in your direction, the fair weather flags are up, and it should be smooth sailing from this point on… as long as you follow these additional, 10 simple tips!

Tip #1. Be creative in breaking the ice. Start with a compliment about a staff member or employee who was cheerful, helpful, or “alive.” Or start with a compliment about how the office looks–its décor or a display in the lobby. Perhaps the buyer you want to hook recently hired the employee you’re complimenting or perhaps the buyer had something to do with the selection of décor or display. If so, you’ve just started your presentation by indirectly complimenting him or her! Indirect compliments are…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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