Spotlight: Tom Doherty, IBPA Board Member

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January 2014
by Linda Carlson

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Born into publishing is how we could describe IBPA board member Tom Doherty. He absorbed book publishing as a child through his father’s career as a book salesman and publisher, and his mother’s work in management of a college bookstore, and he began delivering newspapers in a suburb of Queens, NY, when he was 10.

By the time Doherty was in high school, his parents had founded Tor Books as a publisher of science fiction and fantasy, and he worked there part-time and in the summer until he got his business degree at SUNY Binghamton.

“When I got out of college, going into the book business was natural,” says Doherty. His first jobs were with Warner Publishers Services, where he sold mass market and trade paperback lines to the wholesalers and jobbers who handle supermarkets and other mass merchandisers. After a decade in sales and marketing management, with such accomplishments as the launch of Hyperion and Disney Press into toy and mass market retailers, Doherty moved to the Indianapolis area.

“Leaving New York was a hard decision for a publishing executive,” he recalls, explaining that he and his wife chose quality of life over the epicenter of U.S. publishing. “I have never looked back. It was the right decision for us.”…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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