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October 2011
by Linda Carlson

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Go to, select “Kids” from the menu on the left, and the pop-up list shows “Expert Circle” on the far right. One more click and you’ll see 16 early childhood professionals introduced with, “Want to encourage your child’s love of reading? Need help potty training? Want parenting tips on starting school? We’ve assembled today’s leading experts in child development, literacy, teaching, and behavior to answer all your questions!”

And one of those experts is long-time IBPA member Maryann Kohl, founder of Bright Ring Publishing. As I write, one of her articles for the retailer is front and center under “New this month.” Better yet, Barnes & Noble decided that, starting in September, each of its stores will be required to have an Expert Circle display outside the B&N Junior section.

This display is intended to showcase books for kids on the theme of the month and provide flyers with the Expert Circle URL that list articles online by the experts. Kohl, who has been writing articles on creativity and parenting for for several months, reports she is delighted: “Free positioning for my books in all B&N stores!” She had accepted Barnes & Noble’s invitation to joi…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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