Smile, Dial, and Pile Up Sales

August 2009
by Brian Jud

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Smile, Dial, and Pile Up Sales

by Brian Jud

Your telephone can be as useful a marketing tool as a press release, an advertisement, a media interview, or an online or offline promotional activity. You can make a big impact on your sales in a short period if you use the phone effectively to make appointments, follow up, do research, network, and convert qualified suspects into hot prospects.

In other words, your telephone can be an important ally when marketing your books. But it can also be your biggest enemy. The difference lies in how you use it.

Some guidelines will help you use it well.

Preparatory Work

Create a script before you start calling.

Actors use scripts to make their performances precise and capable of being reproduced regularly. Professional speakers use scripts so their presentations will be smooth and complete. When you use a script to make your telephone calls more effective and efficient, the right words will walk right out of your mouth.

A script is not a detailed document you read word for word to your prospect, eliminating spontaneity and charisma. Instead, it should be an outline, providing consistency, security, and momentum for y…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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