Six Pointers for Publishers of Children’s Picture Books

November 2010
by Katie Steigman

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Six Pointers for Publishers of Children’s Picture Books

by Katie Steigman

Let’s face it, the children’s book market is one of the most competitive spaces in the retail book trade. A children’s book is not only measured against the huge number of children’s books being created every day; it is also competing against all the mainstays like Richard Scarry, Dr. Seuss, and Eric Carle, who are so beloved that they don’t have to fight for shelf space.

Competition is so fierce that even when every piece of a children’s book project is perfectly executed, it’s still a small miracle to convince, cajole, and charm retailers into carrying the title where it can keep company with Little Bear or Sheep in a Jeep.

To have its chance, the book does have to be perfectly executed. That is the first step toward success, or, all too often, the first step toward failure.

Three Musts

Based on the submissions we see as a distributor, I can pinpoint three major requirements for creating a successful children’s book:

Incredible illustrations. The importance of high-quality, professionally executed illustrations cannot be overemphasized. Characters and storyboards must…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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