Simple Ways to Make Your Book a Best-Seller Online

May 2000
by Monique Harris

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In the offline world, an appearance on Oprah can turn a
book into a best-seller—literally overnight. But what if Oprah
isn’t banging your door down for an interview? And what if
your title isn’t picked for any book-of-the-month clubs? Do
you give up on your dreams of becoming a best-selling author?

No way! Not when you’ve got a terrific tool like the
Internet at your beck and call.

Here are a few Net-based techniques you can use to increase your
book’s exposure, generate greater sales, and pave a visible
path towards best-seller status.

1. Have excerpts from your book featured in targeted

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There’s many reasons why e-zines are a great outlet to
investigate regarding excerpts. First, e-zines tend to attract
highly targeted readers. In addition, they’re almost always
looking for fresh content. They also have a rapid turnaround (from
the time you submit an article until it’s actually published
is usually less than two weeks). And perhaps most important, they
allow you to reach thousands of interested prospects at once. Some
e-zines have 10,000 subscribers or more, so just think of the

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