Should Your Company Make a CD-ROM?

October 1996
by Dianne Jacob

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The CD-ROM market has many similarities to book publishing. It’s a huge,
multimillion dollar business. It’s dominated by large corporations. There’s
lots of money to be made if you get good distribution and have the right
formula. These days, the right product is almost always a game, an
encyclopedia, or a useful product for kids. However, the right formula for a
best-seller, like with books, remains elusive.

If you want to make a CD-ROM, you will need to demonstrate that it’s the
best way to present the information. For example, a top-selling product I
helped produce, 3D Landscape, lets you plant your virtual garden and then
view it from all angles and even walk through it in 3D. It also lets you
choose flowers, shrubs, and trees by selecting your own conditions and
preferences-such as color, shade or sun, and high or low maintenance. There
are plenty of books on gardening, but no print book allows readers to see the
garden they are imagining come to life.

But first you’ll need to understand how planning, making, and selling a
CD-ROM works. First, let’s begin by getting the investment issue out of the
way. A CD-ROM can cost several hundred thousand dollars to make, and most
companies can’t afford to go it alone. Content providers usually collaborate
with development houses (often comprised of engineers and graphic designers).
The key is finding a good match of skills and an agreement that will share
both risk and reward. To do this, you’ll need an excellent pr…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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