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October 1997
by Jan Nathan, Executive Director

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I asked a question of members of the PMA-L Listserv and received lots of wonderful response. Since not all members are either subscribed to this list or have the time to spend on the list, I thought that others might be interested in reading the response of a few and also invite those of you who may have other opinions to fax your tips to me (310/374-3342), mail them (627 Aviation Way, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266) or e-mail ( your ideas to me and I will include them in a future edition of the PMA Newsletter. Thanks to all who participated so far. You are definitely fulfilling the PMA motto of “helping each other achieve and succeed.”

Question: For those of you who have had success in selling your books through the national bookstores, I wonder if you might share the three most important things you did after you got your title or titles on the shelves of the bookstore that caused it to experience a successful sell-through. This may help others who are just now getting into the bookstores and don’t know what to do to cause those sales. Thanks in advance. Jan Nathan, PMA

In order of cost-effectiveness:
— Publicity in niche magazines/websites/newspapers
— A website
— Display advertising in niche publications

I put the emphasis on niche because this has been essential — throwing money at the general market by doing things like radio shows and reviews in general publications (outside of the few big trade pubs) has been a total waste when viewed against the…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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