Serving as a Service Organization: Pariyatti’s Not-for-Profit Strategy

October 2009
by Linda Carlson

Serving as a Service Organization: Pariyatti’s Not-for-Profit Strategy

by Linda Carlson

From Pariyatti’s spacious building about 100 miles south of Seattle, you can watch deer, sheep, and cows grazing, and the occasional visits of a hungry coyote. But this is no sleepy bucolic company. Pariyatti serves colleges, libraries, and temples with almost 900 scholarly titles in print and a warehouse that stores more than 55,000 books, besides audiobooks, DVDs, cards, and other materials.

Established in 1984 to bring the Sri Lanka-based Buddhist Publishing Society’s titles to the United States, this publisher started out as a home-based mail order retailer in rural northern California. Ten years later, founder Linda Warren sold the assets to a friend of hers, Richard Crutcher. He moved the business to Seattle’s Roosevelt district, and nine years after that, it relocated to space near the Northwest Vipassana Center, where many people in its target market go for retreats.

“When space for us became available near the center, we realized that moving to it would reduce our overhead, reduce the cost of living for our small staff—and give us the pleasure of rural life,” explains Julie Shaffer, who has worn both marketing communications and executive director titles at different times in her decade-l…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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