Selling Your Books to Corporations: Part 1. Target and Prepare Your Pitch

March 2004
by Brian Jud

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Companies buy books. What’s more, they frequently purchase books in large quantities, pay in 30 days, and don’t require you to have a distributor. This market can be lucrative if you understand that a company buys books to motivate its sales force, educate its employees, improve its image, or use as sales incentives to sell more of its products.

The buyers to target, therefore, may be a human resources manager, a sales manager, or a brand manager rather than the purchasing agent in charge of normal supplies. The content of your book determines the prospective decision maker. Bear in mind that the person you will be negotiating with is probably a professional who is used to dealing with knowledgeable, competent sales representatives but may never have thought about using books as promotional tools. So present yourself as a consultant with ideas that will help the company sell more of its products or services.

Some suggestions for planning a variety of pitches:

Training and motivation. According to Frank Fochetta (VP, director of special sales and custom publishing at Simon & Schuster), “Companies such as Herbalife and Amway buy motivational and business books to resell to their distributors.” In many other businesses as well, managers regularly seek new ways to train and motivate their employees. Your titles on leadership, motivation, self-help, selling techniques, or new business topics could be useful to these execu…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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