Selling to the Elhi Market: Part 2, Getting Books Approved and Adopted

July 2007
by Linda Carlson

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Ye gods, what a lot of information

Selling to the Elhi Market:
Part 2,

Getting Books Approved and


by Linda Carlson


The three Rs can add up to a
lot more than 1-2-3 if you’re a publisher whose books are approved by schools
for supplementary use or as curriculum materials.


How much more? Let’s do a little
arithmetic. Census figures show there are more than 54 million kids in
kindergarten through 12th grade in American schools today. We add more than 4
million babies to that pool each year. And public schools typically replace
their curriculum materials about every six years.


Last month, “Selling to the Elhi
Market: Part 1” looked at how reading incentive and assessment programs such as
Accelerated Reader and Scholastic Reading Counts influence school and classroom
library purchases. This month we’ll look at the typical approval and adoption
process for textbooks in markets independent publishers may want to pursue. In
an upcoming issue, we’ll discuss other segments of the education market and the
creative marketing strategies some PMA members are using in them.


Selling by State


Why sell to schools? Easy answers
include high volume, no retur…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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