Selling to Specialty Stores

August 2004
by Brian Jud

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Every store that sells a product related to your book’s topic can be a source of sales for the book. Publishers, sell your cookbooks at food stands and gourmet shops; books about dogs or cats to pet shops; books about foot care in shoe stores. As appropriate, you could sell your book in home-improvement centers, auto-supply stores, drugstores, camera shops, toy stores, garden-supply stores, or computer stores. You can offer your book for sale in car washes, doctors’ offices, banks, restaurants, ski lodges, movie theaters, appliance stores, or coffee shops. The opportunities are as endless and as fertile as your creativity will allow.

Why Sell to Specialty Stores?

In bookstores, each book on a shelf is surrounded by competing titles. In a specialty store, your book is likely to be displayed in a much less competitive setting.

In addition:

In most cases, specialty stores buy nonreturnable.Proprietors of small businesses often view books favorably, because selling selected books can be a special service to their customers and/or because book sales can be a source of incremental revenue.Many specialty retailers purchase directly from the publisher, in which case you don’t have to deal with distribution discounts.Although individual orders are usually small, the buying period is shorter, the process is less formal, and the access to buyers through mass mailings is easier than with bookstores.Your promotional dollars work more efficient…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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