Selling Poetry Door to Door: A Sustained Success Story

July 2005
by Joe Ruggier

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I distribute my books outside conventional circles. I search for poetry lovers by talking to everyone I know and by going door to door. I started selling poetry door to door for reasons such as:

I believe in myself as a man of letters and stand 100 percent behind my creative writing.In 1982, when I moved to Canada, there was no market there for traditional poetry. A staunch traditionalist, I was trying hard to establish myself, required encouragement, and felt depressed and downtrodden by negative responses and heartless rejections.I was invited to go door to door selling poetry, like Walt Whitman, by my professors and by ordinary people.I decided to give it a try and in so doing to attempt to single-handedly jumpstart a traditionalist literary revival in British Columbia.

My door-to-door blitz was so successful that I have customers who have been buying my work ever since 1985. At this point, I am blessed with a worldwide resurgence of traditionalist inspiration and have many friends to support, encourage, and back me, as well as sponsor me.

I sell only books of poetry and related literature–biography, autobiography, memoirs, serious novels or short stories, poetry journals, criticism, recordings of poetry on cassette or CD-ROM. My market is all sorts of poetry lovers, ranging from teenagers to seniors, but especially people with university credentials. I think they believe in and understand what I do. I think they admire my level of professionalism, my wi…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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