Selling Direct, Part 2: Consumers as the Source of Many—or Almost All—Sales

February 2011

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Selling Direct, Part 2: Consumers as the Source of Many—or Almost All—Sales

 “We need to give consumers what they want when they want it in the form that they want it,” and “Today’s market is consumer-driven”: I hear those statements a lot when publishing people gather to talk about what’s new and pressing in the book business, and I suspect you hear them too.

Of course, it helps to be directly in touch with end users if you’re interested in responding to their needs and desires. And unlike the industry giants, independent publishers often are; in fact, some independent publishers have been dealing directly with readers for decades.

In the reports that appear below, IBPA members share their experiences with direct sales, as other members did last month and still more will next month.—Judith Appelbaum

An Array of Incentives

To stimulate sales of our nonfiction history, weather, and pet-related titles and our murder mystery fiction series, we use direct mail catalogs and postcards (to consumers and also to bookstores, libraries, and gift retailers); we’re just starting an e-newsletter for existing customers; many of our sales are back-of-the-room sales fo…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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