Sell Direct to Nonbook Retailers

February 2008
by Linda Carlson

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by Linda Carlson

NONRETURNABLE. If you’re a book publisher, that’s probably your favorite word. “The Rep Route to Nontraditional Sales” (January) focused on selling nonreturnable through gift and specialty reps and distributors. What follows shows what publishers can do when these reps are reluctant to take their books.

•Here are three strategies PMA members suggest for getting your books into nonbook retail outlets, whether bricks and mortar, catalog, or online:

Take a booth at a wholesale gift show. It can be pricey, but it’s an opportunity to introduce your books to gift and specialty retailers.

Sell direct with a rep contract as your goal. If you can convince your target retailers to carry your books, and if the books sell well, the retailers may provide valuable contacts and information you can use to get an appropriate rep to take on the titles.

Commit to selling direct for the long term with your own salespeople.

Here’s some guidance on implementing these strategies.

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