Self-Publishing: One Journalist’s Adventure

February 1998
by Grace Witwer Housholder

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When Susan Klopfer showed up at my front door nearly four years ago to request some press coverage, I never dreamed that a “typical” newspaper assignment would launch me on a remarkable and exciting adventure. Susan, who had left her job with a large publishing house to become a self-publisher, came to my house to drop off copies of Vanatech Press’s first two books and to ask me to do a newspaper story about them. At the end of the interview which I conducted a few days later in her lakeside home, Susan, who had often commented on how much she enjoyed my columns in The News-Sun, said, “Grace, you should publish a book!” I quickly told her that I was too busy. For seven years I had been collecting and sharing funny kid stories through my newspaper column. I had thought that “someday” the best stories should be saved in book form so that people could savor them through the generations. But in my mind “someday” was safely 20 to 30 years away! But I couldn’t get Susan’s comments out of my mind. If she can do it, I can, I thought. And a few weeks later, I called her back to see if she would help me. My decision to self-publish (with Susan holding my hand) was not based on market research or knowledge about book production, promotion and distribution. It was based on a sudden, burning desire to create a book, which was fueled, I suspect, by the change in outlook that occurs when you turn 40. My goal was to create the kind of book I would want to buy. And that meant it had…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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