Secrets of Web Sites That Sell

July 2007
by Thomas Young

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Secrets of Web Sites That Sell


by Thomas Young


Here is a proposition. Create
a Web site that sells, and you will make money. Sounds simple, right? It is
much easier said than done, however. Sales, or sales leads, happen because Web
site visitors trust your site and get value, among other things. Here are 10
secrets of Web sites that sell by building trust and adding value. These things
are secrets only because so few companies take advantage of them.


The site is not afraid to sell.
Many people think selling is not for them, or it does not come naturally. When
people are afraid to sell, it shows on the Web sites they manage. The fear can
vanish when they understand that selling is not taking value from someone; in
fact, the opposite is true. Effective selling is not manipulation. It is
helping people get what they want and what makes them happy. Once you
understand this concept, you can communicate it at your site.


The focus is on what the visitor wants. Most Web sites focus on what they want the visitor to know about the
site owner’s business. This happens because it is easy. It takes much more work
to understand than it does to be understood. Instead of using your site to tell
people what you want them to know, take the time to understand the visi…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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