Search the Web Like a Pro

August 2003
by Reid Goldsborough

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When searching for information on the Web, do you just fire up Google ( and type in a word or two? You’re not alone.
Despite Google’s effectiveness as an Internet search tool, you probably could be a lot more productive in finding the information you’re after–using Google or any other search site. So says Paul Krupin, and he’s right.
Krupin–who has worked for the past 24 years as a researcher for the U.S. Department of Energy–wants to help others be better Web searchers. He has written a series of new books titled Magic Search Words (, and he’s in the process of launching a pay website that automates Internet searching using his ideas (
The books deal with Web searching involving narrow topics, including jobs, scholarships, and health, and Krupin’s currently writing another about how to search for information most productively at work. He shared his best ideas with me.

One simple trick is to add search words to your search string–words that will more finely hone your results. Use words that are relevant to the information you’re seeking and that will eliminate irrelevant pages.
If you’re searching for tips to help you improve office productivity by getting rid of unnecessary paperwork, for instance, don’t just type:

office productivity

Doing this in Google gives you nearly two million webpages. Inste…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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