Saving Data Online

January 2005
by Reid Goldsborough

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I’m a compulsive saver. I save backup copies of all important computer documents I’m working on, and backups of my backups.

As I’m working, I frequently hit the Ctrl-S keys to save my current document to the hard disk. Somewhat less frequently, I periodically save a backup copy to a floppy disk, provided the file is small enough to fit on it, which it usually is. Less frequently still but also periodically, I save a copy through the Internet to an offsite backup disk. And somewhat less frequently than this, I make a complete backup of all the documents on the hard drive of my primary work computer on a writable DVD disc.

I’ve never lost a document, despite making not-so-uncommon but no-less-brain-dead mistakes like accidentally deleting an important file or destroying a current, nearly complete version of a file by overwriting it with a preliminary, incomplete version.

I’ve also suffered one major data-destroying hard-disk crash; and once I was a victim of a natural near-disaster. My wife and I were barbecuing out back when it started to rain, so we moved onto the porch. When I heard thunder, I nervously checked the computer in my office. I was working on a book and didn’t want to lose anything. Everything checked out. Then . . .

Boom! The bomblike noise was accompanied by a small, momentary fireball on the ground maybe 100 feet from where we were sitting. Lightning strike.

Even more nervously this time, I checked…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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