Sales Synergy:
What Readers Also Want

December 2002
by PMA Roundtable

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Do PMA members boost sales of their books–and income for their companies–by selling other products and services? Do they ever! We’re sure about that now, thanks to the flood of responses to the e-mail asking, “What do you sell besides books?” During the coming months, we’ll run excerpts from as many of your reports as we can so that everyone can benefit from strategies that work. Here’s a first installment.

– Judith Appelbaum


Closely Coupled Products

Blue Gecko Press publishes business, technology, and financial books
designed to help readers increase their creativity, productivity, and profitability.
In addition to our books, we publish/produce manuals, special reports, and audio programs (on both cassette tape & CD Rom). We also conduct public seminars on topics related to some of our books.We started selling these other products last year in response to reader/site visitor inquiries and perceived market demand.
Sales of these other products have positively affected our book sales. And, very often, a book buyer will return to buy a related audio program or special report.Many of our manual and special report buyers eventually also buy one or more books on a similar topic or topics. We aggressively promote these items through opt-in e-mail to our book buyers and back-of-book promotional pages (a trick we learned from Robert Kiyosaki of “Rich Dad” fame)….IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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