Sales Synergy
Invisible Elements in the Product Mix for Kids

January 2003
by contributing PMA Publisher Members

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Many of the publishers who responded to our question “What do you sell besides books?” specialize in serving young readers. At first glance, this seems entirely predictable. After all, characters in kids’ books have often become profitable sidelines. But PMA members don’t produce dolls, toys, T-shirts, and such simply to add to book revenues. As you’ll see from the stories that follow, they create their non-book offerings partly to express and instill a variety of values.

— Judith Appelbaum



Cross-Selling & Character-Building

Hindsight Limited targets middle reader boys for action/adventure stories espousing character-building values. “Tales of the R.A.F.” is our first series, and two of its titles have won Benjamin Franklin Awards. Our second series, “Thunder Alley,” will focus on a young boy with an auto racing crew circa 1930, and it will show how winning has more to do with sacrifice and generosity than with simply coming in first place.

In the last two years, we’ve started selling book toy packages. One of our lines includes a die-cast metal airplane for each book. We shrink-wrapped 2,400 sets last year and sold out in four months. This year, we upgraded the packaging to a small box with graphics explaining the concept of the series. We believe more professional packaging will allow us greater access to both independent and chain sto…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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