Sales Synergy: What IBPA Members Sell Besides Books, Part 3

July 2009

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Sales Synergy: What IBPA Members Sell Besides Books, Part 3

“We love our product and service combination.” That’s one conclusion you’ll find as you read the IBPA members’ reports that follow. Although the pitch of enthusiasm isn’t always this high, publishers who responded to our “What do you sell besides books?” email are generally pleased with what happens when they provide not just books but also related products and services to a variety of target markets.

This is the last scheduled roundup on the subject, but you’re invited to share additional experiences with product/service mixes at any time. Just email me at—Judith Appelbaum

For Smoother Cash Flow

We publish resource books about the teaching profession for teachers, schools, and university preparation programs. We also sell books published by others and a few classroom-related products, and we offer staff development workshops and Webinars for teachers.

We began selling products other than our own books during our first two years in business. Since most of our books are for new teachers, we would make huge sales in June through September and very few sales between October and the beg…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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