Rx for Silo Mentality

August 2010
by Carol Kinsey Goman

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Rx for Silo Mentality

by Carol Kinsey Goman

Organizations around the world realize that silo mentality and knowledge-hoarding behaviors are wasting the kind of collective brainpower that could save them billions. Or lead to the discovery of a revolutionary new process or product. Or, in the current economic climate, help keep their companies afloat when others are sinking.

And it’s not just corporate profits that suffer when collaboration is low. The workforce loses something too. Individuals lose the opportunity to work in the kind of inclusive environment that energizes teams, releases creativity, and makes working together both productive and joyful.

Here are seven insights for avoiding silos by harnessing the power of collaboration.

1. Collaboration is a leadership issue. The public and private sectors have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in portals, software, and intranets as they’ve tried to capture and communicate the cumulative wisdom of a workforce,

But collaboration is more than the technology that supports it, and even more than a business strategy aimed at optimizing an organization’s experience and expertise. Collaboration is, first and foremost, a change in attitude and behavior of peop…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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