Returns Terms and Print-run Pronouncements

April 2007
by Terry Nathan

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“I’ve asked every business person I know if their industry has 100%



by Terry Nathan

Director, PMA


Returns Terms and Print-run


At the PMA office, we get a
constant stream of questions by email and by phone, and of course we try to
provide useful answers to each of them. Sometimes this means focusing on a
particular member’s particular book. But sometimes it means explaining parts of
the big picture that pertain to many members with many different kinds of


Prompted by a suggestion from a
PMA member, we’re sharing two questions that deal with aspects of the book
business. Board member Rudy Shur of Square One Publishers has provided the
illuminating answers.


If you have a question on a topic
that other publishers might also be curious about, please send it to me at




I’ve asked every business person I know if their
industry has 100 percent returnable terms between the manufacturer and the
retailer, and have yet to find one that does. I understand why small publishers
are hurt by these terms, since they create ca…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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