Reduce Telephone Hangups; Increase Complete Orders

August 2001
by by Vic Spadaccini, Blue Sky Marketing Inc.

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Want to reduce the number of “hang-ups” in your voice
messaging while increasing the number of orders, and the number of complete
orders that don’t require a follow-up phone call for missing information? Then
hire a professional voice-over speaker to be the “operator” that callers hear
when your voice mail kicks in if all your order lines are tied up, or in the
case of my one-person show, when I’m busy with something else.

My new “operator” has paid for herself many times over.
I noticed an immediate reduction in hang-ups as soon as I upgraded to her golden
voice. I’ve even noticed a marked increase in people willing to leave their
credit card information when placing an order with my friendly “operator.” That
was a rarity when it was my voice on the message. People are still reluctant,
but not as much. These “recorded” orders also save me time. It’s “just the
facts, Jack,” when people leave a recorded order. When I personally take an
order, I often have to deal with the “how cold is it up there in Minnesota”
chit-chat. I wouldn’t mind if it was their dime.

The phone “system” I use is very basic-standard voice
messaging consisting of a main message with two additional mailboxes, one for
catalog requests and one for orders.  After her brief introduction, my
“operator” asks callers to press “1” to request a catalog, to select “2” to
place an order, or to just wait and leave a message

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