Redesigning Book Covers

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November 2011
by Joel Friedlander

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Redesigning Book Covers

by Joel Friedlander

A regular part of the book-design business is redesigning covers for books that have already been published. This happens more often than you might think, because there are a lot of reasons a publisher might decide to put a new cover on a book.

For instance:

• The publisher discovers that the book was aimed at the wrong market.

• A new edition offers the chance to relaunch the book, generating more interest and sales.

• Sales demonstrate that the book has broader appeal than anticipated.

• The publisher has become more savvy about positioning and marketing the book

(this tends to happen most often with self-publishers).

Whatever the reason or reasons, reissuing a book often triggers a cover redesign, and cover redesign is, of course, necessary if the reissued book will have a new title.

Recently I was engaged to redesign two book covers. These two projects involved vastly different motivations. One took quite a bit of time; the other was relatively quick.

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