Recession? Bah!

April 2009
by Jeffrey Dobkin

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Recession? Bah!

by Jeffrey Dobkin

Don’t give me any of your whining. I have aches and pains too. Oh, my back hurts. Oh, I just dislocated my shoulder. Hey, my appendix just burst . . . You don’t hear me complaining, do you?

Tough it out, baby—and get back in the direct-marketing driver’s seat. I don’t think the plan really was for the meek to inherit the earth.

My Top 10 Direct-Marketing Recommendations

10. Market harder. Spending additional marketing dollars when others are pulling back propels you onto higher ground and into higher visibility, way past others—to the top of the “Hi! I’m over here!” visibility peak.

9. Market smarter. This means marketing with greater precision. Take careful aim at your best targets. Spend the necessary time up front, and don’t waste resources on going after people on the edge who may possibly buy if they are in the right mood and if they feel like it that day. Dig deep. Aim for the low-hanging fruit: solid targets that need your stuff.

Specific technique here: Send letters every six weeks to your top 100 prospects. Mailing costs: 100 × 42¢ = $42 × 9 times a year = $378. Best $378 you can spend in…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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