Ratchet Sales Up with the Right Questions

June 2010
by by Brian Jud

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Ratchet Sales Up with the Right Questions

by Brian Jud

Most independent publishers are interested in increasing revenue and profits by selling in nontrade markets, but many aren’t sure how to get started. Start by asking and answering the right questions. After all, if you don’t do that, you will never get the answers you need.

Be sure to formulate your questions for productive answers. For instance, instead of asking, “Where else can we sell this title?” which may elicit only one response, ask, “In how many places can we sell this title, and what are they?” thereby generating additional possibilities.

That question and those that follow will get you going. Feel free to add your own; fully exhaust your ideas for answering each question, and then always ask, “What else can we do?” before you move on to the next.

In how many ways can we change a given book to make it more marketable? Should we make it smaller or larger? Increase the spine width or make the typeface on the spine more legible for better visibility on the shelf? Come up with a new title, color combination, or cover design?

In how many ways can we work more successfully with our distributors? Can we communicate better? Share…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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