Raising Your Site’s Rank: You Don’t Always Have to Pay for Search Engine Results

March 2005
by Shawn Campbell

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Ever wonder how or why your competitors get better search-engine rankings than you do? Do they know something you don’t? Well, maybe. But you too can use the tricks of the trade that may be giving your competitors that much-needed edge, and you can improve your position without skipping a beat or spending an arm and a leg.

It is not that difficult. There are two main criteria for getting good rankings:

content (which is king)linking (which is queen)

Creating Better Content

Content is easily viewable and just as easy to measure. It essentially includes what you see on a site–that is, the text. If your competitors’ sites have more text than yours, consider adding text. If they have more keywords, consider adding keywords. If they have bigger headers, think about enlarging yours.

I am not suggesting that you make a carbon copy of any competitor’s site, but do compare on-site factors and evaluate the benefits of changes.

A note of caution: Be sure that any changes you make improve your site and increase its value for your customers. In other words, don’t sacrifice quality for quantity. Additions and changes must improve the site’s overall look, feel, and quality.

Ways to increase quality and/or quantity of content include:

Post a monthly article about your topic.Add a page about the key phrase you use to define your product or service.Add your key phrase to your headers if it’s not already there.Ma…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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