Quill Driver Succeeds with the Eyedropper Approach

April 2007
by Linda Carlson

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Judy, here’s a few quick notes and answers to most of your questions



Quill Driver Succeeds with the
Eyedropper Approach


by Linda Carlson


What does it take to snag the
top spot at Amazon.com? Get a book on the New York Times bestseller list? And have
two—not one, but two—books become Book-of-the-Month Club selections?


You can ask Quill Driver Books
publisher Stephen Blake Mettee these questions about his diet and writing
guides, and you can take a look at his crew. With 100 books in print, he
employs five people full-time: two in marketing, one in graphic design, and two
in bookkeeping. Yes, he uses editors, to shape content, copy edit, and
proofread—all freelancers, none in-house, none permanent.


Ask Mettee about his keys to
success and he’ll list several, but his emphasis is obviously on marketing.


“Marketing a book is like trying
to fill a bucket with water when the only tool you have is an eyedropper—no
glass and certainly no hose available,” says the Fresno, CA–area publisher.
Mettee—who started his career in the wholesale wine business, then owned a
couple of restaurants, and launched Quill Driver in 1993 with the proceeds from
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