June 1997
by Brad Hurtado

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Re: I am a new author and self-publisher. I have written my first book and I am going on television for a 30-minute interview on Wednesday. Does anyone have any advice?

Rob Yanok

Dear Rob and ANY new author,

A couple words of advice for you from a veteran television talk show producer (Donahue, Maury Povich, Charlie Rose) who’s just joined the list. All of the other advice you’ve received is good stuff (with the exception of the advice to wave your book around. Please don’t.) and will help you come across well. But ultimately it’s about getting viewers to buy your book. And THAT comes when you can get the viewer to feel connected to what you say.

You MUST realize that what will make people want your book enough to go buy it is if YOU are compelling and INTERESTING. What’s your topic? Do you have strong, specific stories to use as examples? Get some. Tell them well and with enthusiasm. Make the listener want to hear more about what you say. Not less. One of my worst guests at Donahue wrote a great book called To Hell and Back about scary life-after-death stories. The book was full of amazing stories. He told none of them well and offered little insight. I caught hell.

Do you have an agenda to accomplish when you do this show? Or are you just going to answer whatever questions are asked of you? This is an easy one in theory, but tough on the air. REMEMBER: You don’t win unless you sell some books, and so I suggest you try thi…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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