Publishing with Passion–and with Pictures

July 2003
by Pam Taylor Copeland

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I wrote my first book, I Liked You At Ten… I’ll Like You Again, in late 1998, about parenting, treasured moments, and the struggles of growing up. Writing is a passion; publishing was a dream. Like many novice writers who believe they can, I simply wrote the book and then tried to get a publisher. Attempting to sell it via the usual channels, I was turned down by 15 traditional houses. Nevertheless, I was determined to see the project through to fruition. I believed in my book and knew it would do well given the chance.

However I was a writer not a publisher, and a new writer at that. What if the publishing houses were right to reject it and no one liked it? After careful consideration, I threw caution to the wind and took on the scary role of a “self-publisher.”


Plenty of Control Perks

Fortunately I had the savings and time to begin my publishing adventure. But where should I begin? There was so much to learn so fast.

The first thing I did was define my audience. What was my niche? Who fit into my target market? I gathered a diverse group of retailers and booklovers to help me answer these questions and decided that I had a “gift book” on my hands. Then I explored similar books to learn about favored sizes, layout styles, compatible prices, and appeal in general.

Because I realized how important illustrations would be for my book, I paid special attention to finding an artist…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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